Silverfish Control

Silverfish are capable of living in most climates, but they prefer dark and moist places such as attics, basements, laundry rooms, garages, store rooms, kitchens and bathrooms.

Silverfish can get into unopened food packages. They eat carbohydrates, glue in books, shampoos, soaps, silk, linen, and plants. They also eat mould, fungi, and dead insects. Also they can be commonly be found hiding under the sink or in bathtubs, bookcases, closets, doors, and window frames. They also hide in storage boxes full of clothes or papers.


Facts about Silverfish

Silverfish are destructive pests in the house as they love to eat items of a high starch content such as books, cotton fabrics, magazines, silk and paper goods are prime targets for Silverfish. If you have valuable items such as old photos and similar items that you have kept throughout the years, Silverfish will devour them if they find them.

  • These generally hide in the day and forge in the night and are a bit difficult to search.
  • They make their nests close to the food supply.
  • They damage clothing, books, papers, foods in pantries and wallpaper.
  • They feed on yarn, silk, starchy food, glue and book bindings and may destroy them.
  • The discarded silverfish skin causes allergy in human beings.
    Their presence in the house can cause asthma.
    Silverfish are capable of scaling walls and ceilings and live for a long time up to eight years making your home a permanent one for them.
  • they become food for other insects such as spiders, cockroaches which then spread other harmful diseases.

Silverfish Removal & Prevention

If the conditions are cold and dry, the silverfish cannot reproduce. In addition, there are simple strategies to manage silverfish which are the following:  
  • Thorough and regular cleaning regular checking of areas that would attract silverfish
  • Reduce moisture in your home that encourages silverfish
  • Eliminate any cracks or crevices
  • Store paper materials and food in airtight containers

Regular inspections from your pest control professional The presence of silverfish indicates poor hygiene and damp environment. Hence

If you suspect you have a silverfish infestation.
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