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Fleas feed on blood and although their mouth is small, a flea bite can hurt and most certainly can become inflamed, itchy and swollen.
Once fed, the flea will look to mate and immediately lay eggs.
Some of these may fall in the yard, some in the house and some will remain on the pet.
When the eggs hatch, a small caterpillar-like creature comes out to feed on anything organic. This includes dried blood, flea feces, animal hair and a variety of other organic matter.
The flea larva will feed for days after which it will spin a cocoon and undergo metamorphosis, this stage is called the flea pupa.
They are typically making their way into the home through the family pet (e.g. dogs, cats, rabbits), difficult flea invasions can seem to appear overnight. Since fleas usually feed and lay their eggs while the pet is sleeping, the pet’s resting zones are the place for most fleas to be found.


Get Rid Of Fleas

We treat all the external areas such as gardens and lawns and then all the internal floor areas of a house or building.
After the initial flea pest control treatment the adults generally die within the first few days however it can take up to seven to fourteen days to control fleas because the eggs are impervious to any treatments and must hatch before eliminating the fleas.
The flea egg hatches through vibration and the flea needs a blood feed straight away.
When the flea lands on a treated surface it picks up the micro encapsulated pyre thrum on its legs and when it grooms itself it ingests the treatment and dies.

Keep Fleas Away

You need to ensure your pet is always treated for fleas, so that you can reduce the chance of them entering your home.
You might want to talk to your vet about a flea treatment or bath to be on the safe side.
You should thoroughly vacuum all the surfaces in your home, which include wooden floors, carpets and rugs.
Make sure all contents of the vacuum cleaner are disposed of securely.
Washing your bedding thoroughly in hot water, as well as your pet’s bedding will be sure to kill off any remaining fleas.

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