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Carpet beetles are a big nuisance, especially if you have expensive carpets and clothing made from natural animal-origin materials. These beetles feed on a protein called keratin and are known to cause considerable damage in a short amount of time.

Carpet beetles are mostly found inland and in the regions away from the coast line where the environment is a little drier.

If you’ve got a carpet beetle problem you quickly learn they eat anything and everything in your home. Nothing is safe. Furniture, carpet, clothing, shoes and even books, magazines and paperwork. If you’re seeing patches or holes in your carpets or finding holes in your furniture, it’s likely you have a carpet beetle problem that needs to be treated before extensive damage is done to your home.


Signs For Beetles Infestation

If your house has any of the following signs, it’s possible you have a carpet beetle problem:-
  • Thinning or damaged areas to carpets (particularly woolen or natural fiber carpets)
  • Damage to woolen clothes and blankets
  • Damage to furs or leather rugs (cow skins, etc)
  • Larval skins in hidden areas or under rugs and floor runners
  • Dead or dying beetles inside your home (adults need to get outside to mate but often end up dying inside)

Prevent Your Home From Beetles

Ensure that any old or existing bird nests within roof spaces are removed and the area treated with a residual insecticide. Hot water cylinder cupboards should also be checked regularly for signs of infestation. Carpets should be vacuumed thoroughly on a regular basis, and ensure that large furniture is moved aside to get to the corners and edging of carpets. Signs of a varied carpet beetle infestation can be controlled by the use of a residual insecticide.

Beetles Treatment

If you have a carpet beetle problem in your home and you’ve started to see signs of damage, the first step is to thoroughly vacuum your carpet, floors and upholstered furniture. This will take away the beetles and their eggs.

If your clothes, curtains,  cushion covers, etc have been infested, wash in hot, soapy water as soon as possible to remove the beetles, their larvae and their eggs. Rugs and carpets should be steam-cleaned.

A qualified pest control provider should be appointed to carry out a detailed inspection.
Here at Toms Pest Control, we have experience in eliminating carpet beetles and know exactly how to remove them effectively. We will use the latest technology to detect the extent of the infestation, identify the areas which need to be treated and, using eco-friendly products which are safe for both your home and your family.

If you suspect you have a carpet beetle infestation.
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