Reliable Mosquitoes Extermination

One of the greatest annoyances you could experience at home is a mosquito infestation.
The mosquito bite can cause different reactions in people, ranging from the mildest irritation to swelling and inflammation of the skin.
Not to mention the fact that a bite could potentially endanger your health.
Mosquito control is highly necessary, especially during the hot summer months, and the most efficient way to contain the spread of the blood-sucking insects is to get hold of the mosquito exterminators.


Rid Yourself from Mosquitoes

The best mosquito repellent to keep mozzies at bay is a little regular housekeeping.
Mosquitoes breed in still or stagnant water, so check for water build-ups around your home, empty out cans, clear blocked guttering and tip out water in empty plant pots and any containers that hold water.
Keep up the good work by placing tight covers over cisterns, cesspools, septic tanks, rain barrels and tubs where water is stored.
Also, drain stagnant pools, puddles, ditches or swampy places around the home as much as possible.

Our Mosquitoes Extermination Techniques

Our technician will inspect the area to figure out what has caused the infestation – whether it is the excessive greenery, or collection of water.
    Our mosquito control involves:
  • Exclusion: We’ll protect your home and ensure that mosquitoes can’t easily enter your home.
  • Restriction: We’ll thoroughly inspect your property and take care of areas that can become a breeding ground for pests.
  • Eradication: We’ll remove pests completely and apply necessary measures to prevent a pest infestation from reoccurring.
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Quick response time and great advice carried out by Tom’s Pest Control They explained everything about my termite problem and the treatments required. Highly Recommend.

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We had a flea problem which were attacking our two year old. They came out immediately and sprayed and gave our family a relief. They’re professional, and on time, and reasonably priced.

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The service is on time, professional, and reasonably priced. The follow ups are also timely. I’ve used them for several years with no complaints.

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