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During the warmer months in Australia, housefly infestations can be particularly irritating and troublesome.
Flies have a very short life cycle, which means within a single month, two full generations of flies can live out their lives.
They are ready to lay eggs as soon as they reach the adult stage of their life cycle.
This means that a few unattended houseflies can turn into a full blown, problematic infestation in just a matter of weeks.


Prevent Yourself From Flies

The best way to keep your home fly free is to banish typical breeding sites, putting out the garbage and disposing of pet waste regularly is an essential start, while covering bins and compost heaps with tight-fitting lids will stop flies from finding a home.
Wrap up any wet rubbish then put it into a plastic rubbish bag, you’ll be saved the hassle of emptying and cleaning bins as well as avoiding fly-breeding sites.
In the kitchen, avoid leaving food uncovered (including pet food) and throw away anything you spot a fly landing on. Just remember, every time they land, they defecate and vomit.

Flies Prevention Methods

We understand their breeding habits and typical characteristics and have effective methods of fly control, using only the most environmentally friendly forms of treatments. Exclusion Involves preventing flies from entering your property using Flyscreens – these can be mounted on all doors and windows as an effective pest exclusion device.
Restriction This involves stopping pests from breeding and multiplying. This also involves removing food sources and breeding grounds.
Destruction This is the most important part for every pest controller. There is an infinite number of chemical and non-chemical products that can be used as a control measure.
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