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Borers are insects which can negatively affect timber. The larval (grub) stage tunnels through the timber causing damage. The first sign of a borer infestation is small pin holes in the timber, as this is the hole where the adult borer has emerged from the wood. The adult will only live for a short period of time. After mating the female will inject her eggs into the pores of the timber.

It is difficult to notice a borer infestation in its early stages, however upon close inspection small pin-like holes may be visible. These are usually 1mm wide and are known as flight holes, from where the adult borers emerge to fly out. Other signs that there may be an infestation and need of borer control is build up of fine powder on floors and surfaces. Borer Infested floorboards are usually weaken and will feel softer under the foot, and may even give way if stepped on too hard.

In extreme infestation cases, an infested floorboard may suddenly collapse under the weight of a heavy piece of furniture.


How To Tell If You Have A Borer Infestation

These borers produce a very fine powdery dust, similar in consistency to talcum powder.

  • Attack the sapwood of certain hardwood timbers.
  • Cause serious structural weakening in timber that
    has a high sapwood content.
  • Borers are known to attack old furniture and structural timbers such as flooring, bearers and joists and roofing timbers.
  • Adult beetles lay their eggs in cracks in wood. Outdoors this isn’t much of a problem, but inside your property they might infest floorboards, furniture, wooden beams and any other wooden objects.

If you don’t have specialist wood borer control the larvae can seriously weaken the timbers in a building. If left untreated, this may lead to structural failure.

Borer Treatment Options

Our Borer treatment is applied to all accessible timber surfaces throughout the roof void and/or subfloor areas using timber-saver Boric acid treatment. This treatment will kill the adult beetles as they emerge from the timber before they have an opportunity to mate and reinfest.

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